Semi-long BACHELOR is now available as a deep jigging model.
With emphasis on spiral falling and flashing as the width is enlarged from the base shape of BACHELOR, the jig replicates weakened bait action at fall-time. Fall action after quick retrieval can also induce fish to bite. When jerking, the asymmetrical shape creates irregular movement. After jerking, the center edge ensures a vibration fall while sliding back that lures the fish eater close to the jig and induces them to bite.
Flat face processing just like curving from the tip to the center of one surface of the body reduces water resistance and pulling resistance, and also suppresses excessive sliding.

Material Lead
Weight 300g / 218mm Selling price: ¥2,800
350g / 230mm Selling price: ¥3,000
400g / 240mm Selling price: ¥3,300
*Special color +100 yen
Colors Silver
Red & gold
Shadow blue
Silver glow head (special color)
Fluorescent purple silver (special color)


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