The head shape that reduces pulling resistance, and the side and center edges of the body ensure a light pulling feeling. Even in situations where there is a need for a wide range of actions from bottom to mid-range, long approach are possible without fatigue.
While rolling and sliding at fall-time, excessive sliding is suppressed by receiving water at the center of the body at jerk-time. After jerking, the center edge ensures a vibration fall while sliding back that lures the fish eater close to the jig and induces them to bite. Diverse actions and a semi-long silhouette realize approaches to a wide range of fish from from yellowtail and kingfish, to large rockfish. yellowtail and kingfish, to large rockfish.

Material Lead
Weight 190g / 210mm Selling price: ¥2,100
210g / 218mm Selling price: ¥2,200
230g / 225mm Selling price: ¥2,300
*Special color +100 yen
Colors Silver
Silver plated (special color)
Pink & silver
Shadow blue
Silver zebra glow (special color)


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